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We are a company with more than 30 years of experience, which began as a consulting firm to provide accounting and tax advice to clients from different national industries, and over time we specialized in the tax area, developing the legal area and also incorporating the attention of foreign clients.

Currently, we form a multidisciplinary team led by lawyers and accountants with vast experience, skills and knowledge, since we realized that the complexity of today's business and the constant legislative changes in accounting and tax matters, required the union of both types of professionals to better identify the needs of our clients and provide effective solutions with a global, practical and creative undertanding.

For us, all clients are important regardless of their size because we know that each business has a different complexity, so we want to adapt our advice to their particular reality and understand their business, providing personalized attention and accompanying them in their various challenges, in order to facilitate their decisions.

Finally, as members of a community we are interested in developing corporate social responsibility policies, so we are committed to some community projects, support foundations and care for the environment.

Multidisciplinary team of professionals to provide comprehensive services.


Abogada | Socia
Abogada | Socia


Among others, our team offers advice on:

Tax Advisory:

  • Tax diagnosis and tax compliance.
  • Monthly Advisory Service.
  • Due diligence, corporate reorganizations and business structures.
  • Representation before the Internal Revenue Services and other
    authorities in audit proceedings, litigation and disputes.
  • International taxation.
  • Wealth Tax Management Advisory Services to
    Individuals and Family Offices

    Accounting and Administrative Advisory:

  • Preparation of accounting records, balance sheets and auxiliary books
  • Accounting supervision.
  • Audit.
  • Representation of foreign companies and tax domiciliation.
  • Corporate and Real Estate Legal Counseling.

    Asesoría Legal Corporativa e

  • Estudios de títulos urbanos y agrícolas
  • Redacción y tramitación de todo tipo de instrumentos
    para ambas áreas.
  • Litigios:

  • Defensa previa en procesos de fiscalización o citación ante el SII.
  • Tramitación de juicios en TTA y tribunales de alzada.
  • Ofrecemos soluciones eficientes y creativas para problemas complejos.

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